Thursday, February 15, 2007

Yarn Quandary

My sister sent me this yarn for Christmas. You can probably tell she has a real artist’s eye for color (well, she does do that sort of thing for a living), but I don’t. I do OK with managing to not dress myself like an optical illusion, but I have no skill at doing the complex blending of patterns, etc. that always looks so utterly cool.

So, here we have three yarns I would never buy, which is no comment on my sister, she can’t wear or touch animal fibers, and she was going for color. I generally don’t knit with eyelash yarn, or fun fur, and I’ve really been trying to give up buying any more Red Heart for the time being. It looks like it ought to be one of those festive, kicky afghans or throws. I have no clue to as how to arrange it in order to do so. If you have any ideas as to doing that, I’d appreciate it. Diagrams would be nice, too. Even a picture of something similar!

Anyway, 2 skeins of the variegated Red Heart, 5 eyelash in red, and 5 in variegated, er, fake mohair-like acrylic…???



Anonymous said...

No knitting advice; why I don't knit would make good fodder for one of your more depressing entries. But, looking at the colors, why not wait till Halloween is around the corner? Surely then the ghost of a project will manifest itself? :-)

Anonymous said...

You need to consult the yarn harlot.. I'm sure she would help you.

Anonymous said...

If you crochet, you could make granny squares. Do the center round or two with the mohair type yarn, then do a few rounds with the red heart, then do the outside round with the furry yarn.

Amber in Albuquerque said...

Maybe (and this might be a gauge nightmare) you could do an entrelac or triangle pattern that switches between the different yarns. I saw a diagonal scarf pattern or something like that online that would work, but I'm sure you could make your own pattern too.