Thursday, April 26, 2007

Chix Pix

Here are the pictures I was trying to upload last week of projects underway in our wee little local knitting group.

This one is a baby sweater, done in Shadows (I think) yarn from Patons. It's very soft, and the color variations are lovely. Dig those fancy stitch holders! I can't help thinking of hard plastic curlers that we used to use when I was a young sprout, but these look to be holding stitches even better than those curlers held hair!

And here's a baby blanket, crocheted, but who cares. It looks great -- not sure about the yarn, but this gal has done a great job blending the colors.

And, here, being held by our doyienne, our maven, our Goddess of Fancy Schmancy Stitches, is a pair of fabulous socks in a soft natural yarn with the most beautiful and subtle variations in color that I think I've ever seen. I think these twin gorgeousities are from a Maggie's Rags pattern, but I was too busy drooling in envy to pay that much attention.
I, meanwhile, am plugging along on the Charlotte's Web shawl which looks exactly the same as before only more so. I'd be bored with it if the group conversation weren't so distractingly interesting that I wind up having to undo rows because I've gone off count.
And, as I promised, here's the latest Sock Afghan in progress. I've had to add in some Moda Dea which is really a sport weight, but some of the sock yarns are the heavier weight anyway, so there was always going to be some variation in density anyway. Why not use up my oddballs of lightweight yarns? It's being fun.
Keep 'em clickin'!

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