Friday, June 06, 2008

Five Things About Living In The Boonies

(about 0.5 miles from me)

1. Not a lot of traffic, although sometimes the wildlife is both cheeky and stupid. Long drives can be dangerously hypnotic across the flat, flat, flat terrain.
2. Very Big Sky... Which is way cool for those times when you want to lie in the grass or float in a pool or pond and watch the clouds change shape and move on by. It also means tornados, whirlwinds (really!), microbursts, killer arctic winds in winter, and dust storms when it's been dry. And, staaaaaaaaaars, like you wouldn't believe, all year round.
3. Stocking up on canned goods is still a smart idea before the first snowfall.
4. Lots of quiet. Sometimes the loudest noise is the wind.
5. You can let your energetic Labrador off his lead to run and run and run in a straight line, and he'll come back exhausted, happy, and unharmed.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Miles and miles of nothing but miles and miles...
Still, it does have its charms.