Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Physical Therapy is Not for the Weak

My apologies for the lack of daily posts to anyone who's been checking in regularly. I have been having some back trouble and asked my GP to give me a recommendation for PT. Well, PT is grueling, and will hopefully be showing some good effects soon, but in the meantime, it lays me out as flat and useless as a jellyfish on the beach for a while afterwards, and then there's the rest of holiday life to deal with!

On the Good News front, I'm basically in excellent shape, in terms of muscles and strength in all the areas I've been able to work on -- legs, upper and lower arms, good hamstring stretching, and my upper back and upper abs are just fine. It's the lower abs and reciprocal muscles in the back that are sound asleep and causing me to have trouble, and that's what we're working on.

Hope to have a knit post ready for tomorrow and I have one already written for Friday. Hang in there!

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