Wednesday, July 12, 2006


toad-eater: originally a mountebank's man, whose duty was to swallow, or pretend to swallow any kind of garbage; a fawning syncophant. Said to be a version of avaler des couleuvres, to swallow adders, to put up with all sorts of indignities without resentment.

(from The Word Museum by Jeffrey Kacirk)


Javajem said...

This sounds very familiar unfortunately. I have only been married for 3 years - but I also feel unvalued at times by my husband. Not so much because of him being late - but because of the amount of time he spends doing other things - without me. He is forever going to "car stuff" on weekends and leaving me home. Not that I'd want to go - but that's not the point.

He rarely helps me with housework anymore and when I ask him to - it ends up in a fight. I'm at the point where I'd rather just do it all myself. He doesn't value my time - only his.

I'm having constant second thoughts about our marriage. I'm not sure what to do....

BoS said...

I suppose I should have put in my rant that I'm the only person he's this rude to -- his birth family,his clients, his friends... they all get calls when he's going to be late. It reeks. I hope you and your spouse resolve it, I sure do know whereof you speak!