Thursday, November 09, 2006

Blogger to the Woodshed

Well, I've tried for two days now to get Blogger to upload the pictures that make my Thursday post less stupid. It won't happen, so I'm settling for stupid and hoping you all have a sense of humor...

Knitting into the Nowhere

I’m in knitting limbo this week. I have a dozen or so large projects in progress, and while I’m making progress on many of them, I’m not done with a darned thing.

I had started this sweater some time ago, then put it aside to work on lighter weight stuff when the weather was hot. I have been taking it to my weekly Chix w/ Sticks group, but it was 70 degrees yesterday, so I pulled out a little baby sweater to work on.

insert mental picture of complicated looking black and white raglan I started some time looks good but undone

Last Spring, I started working on a Fishmonger’s (or whatever it was called) shawl from Cheryl Oberle’s book. Because I am me, the Head Donkey of Substitutions, I used a yarn I have handy, which happens to be gold DK weight wool. I got it from Web’s in the Grampa’s Bargain Bin area, on a cone, and it was a good deal. Very soft, but now I’m kind of zoned out on the fishtail edging.

I think this one is self explanatory

Then there’s this afghan, which has been in limbo for a while. I think I mentioned earlier on that I was working on it for my son, who chose the pattern and the yarn, but I think he’s reconsidered it and just won’t say anything. He just looks at it funny from time to time, and I’ve lost the spine to either ask him about it or continue it, what with all the other projects in progress.

OK, it's a light blue flame stitch sort of pattern about14 inches done

Urk. I’m pretty sure I need a donut to decide which one I’ll finish first. Then again, I could always knit into DeNial and start something else new!

I had a donut, and Blogger didn't work any better. Dang! What's a girl to do?

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