Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

That being said, I suppose it’s time for a wish list after such a long break from posting.

Wishes for 2007

1. God and good luck save us from any more of George Bush’s maniacal governance. I don’t know how much more of his corrupt administration and morally bankrupt choices this country can take. We’re heading downhill fast for third world status in terms of economic stability, international financial status, and we’re already in the sh*tcan of world opinion for his deranged warmongering. Our education system is largely a joke, and living in the US feels, every day, more like the reason for the tag, “Some days it’s not worth chewing through the restraints.”

2. I hope that environmentalists will be able to make themselves heard and that changes will be made. The first dolphin group has just become extinct, and I don’t think it’ll be long before extinction of species becomes everyday news. Maybe it already has, and we’re not hearing any of it, here behind Mr. Bush’s Irony Curtain.

3. I wish people would quit asking me what my resolutions are for 2007. I don’t DO resolutions. I set goals as I go along, as they seem appropriate. Are there things I’d like to accomplish? Sure. But my life has been, and with all probabilities examined, will most likely continue to be way more unpredictable than not, and setting a lot of optimistic resolutions would just wind up frustrating me as it used to before I gave them up.

4. I hope my physical therapy works. Right now, I think it’s working, and I hope my insurance carrier doesn’t give me any malarkey. I need to have my back strength again. It’s really hindering me, not being able to walk or stand for more than 10 minutes at a time without having to find some support. I hate that. I really don’t want to even consider surgery.

5. I hope my kids mature a little; I hope they become a little more confident, a little more forward-looking, a little more self-reliant, and a little more compassionate this year. I don’t know what lessons I’ll need to learn to pass on to help those hopes, but I do hope I recognize them when I see them.

6. I hope I don’t lose another family member this year.

7. I’m hoping to get the den bookshelves cleared of old, ratty books and books I don’t like.

8. I’m not going to hang myself out to dry if none of the above occurs, and I hope I remember that!

And, here’s hoping that you all have a great year!

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