Thursday, October 12, 2006

Felted Mittens for Kids -- Free Pattern

Well, it snowed a little here today, which brings up the issue of keeping extremities warm and toasty!

This pattern creates a fitted cuff in acrylic or non-felting yarn, so that the mittens don't scoop up snow when kids are out making snowmen -- like so many felted or fulled mittens do. I don't have a picture, since the kids wore our last pairs to school today, and we've given all the others away. I do have a pair ready for felting, though.

This picture shows the mittens BEFORE felting on the left, in gold and brown, as compared to a pair of normal mittens (Doodle's Double-Thick, Double Quick Mittens) for kids ages 6-10.

Felted Kids' Mittens

1 set size 4 dpns
small amt worsted weight acrylic or non-felting yarn
large ball 100% wool, worsted

CUFF: w/ acrylic. CO 36 p1k1 for 18 rows or 2-1/2 inches

HAND: change to wool. Work 4 rounds even. Increase 2 sts every third row for thumb gusset on 1st needle, until you have 13 sts for thumb. Put these 13 sts on holder. CA 2 sts over thumb area. K even until 6-3/4” above cuff ~ 50 rows

1) k2, k2tog around
2)K 2 rows even
3) k1, k2 tog around
4) k1 row even
5) K2 tog around
6) pull yarn through and tie off

THUMB: Pick up 2-4 additional sts and 13 from holder, K even 2-1/2” or about 16 rows. Decrease as for hand.

Wash on hot/cold cycle and dry in dryer until shrunk to size desired.

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