Friday, June 01, 2007

Five Nice Things About Today

1. Strawberries! Lots of large, ripe, delicious strawberries available in my grocery store – and now at my dinner table.

2. Books – I got a couple of books from my Amazon wish list which will just about complete my collection of Charlotte MacLeod mysteries.

3. No school -- I didn’t have to wake anyone up for school, no buses rumbled by, and I got lots of time to myself today.

4. Birthday wishes from friend and family far-flung, near at hand and otherwise!

5. Cheap hair doodles at Walgreen’s! I have long hair and have a residual teenager living in my decision-making apparatus when I wander down the hair aisle at Walgreen’s, so I like adolescent hair crap – twisty rubber bands with big balls on them, shiny, magpie-attracting scrunchies, and chignon chopsticks, which probably no one other than middle-aged goofs like me wear any more. And they’re shiny. (grin)

Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

Hey, so what *did* you do with the 30 lbs. of raspberry granola? :-)

Becky said...

Just wanted to say how much I've enjoyed reading your posts. (I get you by RSS feed to my LiveJournal account, so I very rarely comment. Tired of being a lurker, though!)

BoS said...

In re the granola: 25 lbs went in the freezer in ziplock bags, we've been working on the rest of it for breakfast, and when it gets stale, we may share with the outdoor birdies.

And, thank you Becky, I appreciate that!

MM said...

Snort! Sounds just like my hair collection - & me! I think you may be right about us middle-aged goofs. In the CVS I couldn't find that stuff, so asked the nearest staff, a very young man, where the scrunchies (which the flyer said were On Sale! Yay!) were.
I think the kid will go far. W/o looking, or sounding, as baffled as he was, he said; "Aren't they where they usually are?" Which, was, of course, the extent of his knowledge of scrunchies.
- Saving space: Loved the Hawthorne BUM! bit, too!