Monday, June 18, 2007


Well, I’m making some progress towards the things I wanted to do this summer. Bunny now has the requisite hours behind the wheel to get her driver’s license, although I’d like to take her out for a few more hours, particularly at night, to really cement some of her skills in before I send her off on her own.

The kids have been helping me with weed lopping, despite a full week’s worth of mid and upper 90 degree weather. As long as I keep the time spent outside under an hour and in the cool of the late afternoon, they don’t argue too much. We’ve cleared maybe a fourth of the yard of weed trees and some unexpected thistles.

One of the things that I’m fighting in the weeding is some leftover “help” the kids gave when they were tiny. A few years ago, I invested in some hearty grass seed from Gardens Alive. I was using a hand spreader to distribute it in the front yard, and I had to come inside for a pit stop. I handed the spreader to Doodle, who was under ten, to hold upright until I came back. He proceeded to heavily seed a flower bed with grass seed, and it has taken off like a house afire. Last year we did some serious cutting of trees that were thinking hard about dying or already dead, and now I can finally get to the deeply rooted grass seed. I’m having to use Round Up to discourage it, too. Urk.

And, the Yarn Crawl is scheduled for next week. Whee!

I’m not doing so well on finding somewhere to contemplate water or help Dood with his writing on demand. Bit by bit, though, as we can.

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Anonymous said...

It all adds up, over time, as you well know. Sounds like you really are making progress, even if it's not as fast as you'd like.
Hang in there, kid!