Thursday, August 24, 2006

Elfin Slippers - Free Pattern

Elfin Slippers
(Free Knit Pattern)

VERY EASY – fits adult female; very stretchy, so they’re good for people whose feet swell or as bed socks

1 skein Knitpicks Sock Memories “Flyfishing” (or any other DK, light sport or heavy wt sock yarn)

1 pr. #3 US knitting needles


CO 2 sts. Increase in this and every first stitch, every row, as follows: knit one in front and one in back of first stitch. Knit to end.

Continue in this manner until you have 90 stitches on the needles. You have a garter stitch triangle.

You will now be working up the back for the heel, joining stitches on either side as follows.

Knit 39 stitches (this is one side of the slipper). Heel: knit 11 stitches, knit next two stitches together (51 sts worked, 38 sts unworked, 89 sts total). Turn work.
Knit 11 stitches, knit two stitches together, turn work. (88 sts total)
Continue in this manner, knitting the twelfth stitch of the heel together with a stitch from the side) until all side stitches are used. You will have 12 stitches left. BO.

Fold slipper in half and sew from pointed toe 4.5 – 5 inches up top of foot. Crochet or knit a border if you wish.

(It should now look like the slipper here)

Fold down cuff at heel and along side of slipper.

(Slipper on swollen foot and ankle!)

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