Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Knit Installment: Part Two CQA

[Note: Blogger tends to give me trouble if I try to upload too many photos at one time, so I'll be uploading individual blocks for guidelines on the Crazy Quilt Afghan as I can. I will consolidate them under the "Knit with Bos" sidebar heading when I'm done. Sorry for any inconvenience.]

Part Two: The Mitered Square

Mitered squares are covered pretty thoroughly elsewhere on the web, so this is a very brief rundown...

One-Miter Square: Cast on an even number of stitches, inserting a marker or loop between the two center stitches. Work as above (decreasing on either side of the marker on the right side rows only) until you have two stitches left on either side of the marker. Decrease the same way again, on the right side row, and on the wrong side row, knit the last two stitches together and pull the yarn through. Voila!

If you wish to pick up a square, as opposed to a rectangle, do it exactly the same way as the rectangle, working the decreasing the same, but finishing as above for a square.

Next installment will be: The two-miter block as a means of joining blocks; three-needle bind-off

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